Criminal Case Results: Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault & Sex Crime Trials: Case Results

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll

Sexual assault cases, especially criminal sex offense cases involving children, leaves defendants facing prosecution from aggressive prosecutors along with destroying their reputation in the public eye.

Most folks, unfortunately this includes most criminal defense lawyers, are sometimes too quick to assume the guilt of a person accused of a sexual assault before hearing details about the case.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll understands that not all people accused of criminal sex offenses are guilty. In my experience, I have seen incidents such as accidentally brushing up against a young girl cause a sexual assault charge.

Innocent people facing charges derived from sex related crimes deserve the best possible legal defense they can get.

Houston Criminal Lawyer Jack B. Carroll will represent those charged with Child Molestation, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Assault, Possession of Child Pornography, Indecency with a Child, Indecent Exposure, or any other criminal offense you have been accused of.

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  • Agg. Sexual Assault-Child – 183rd –  CZE# 1356785 – Not Guilty (Jury Trial)
  • Sexual Assault: Not Guilty – CZE# 08923930, 174th – Not Guilty
  • Sexual Assault: Grand Jury – No Billed
  • Indecency w/Child: Case Dismissed – CZE# 10260520, 338th: Jury Trial-voire dire
  • Sexual Assault: Case Dismissed – CZE# 08729670 – 174th – Jury Trial
  • Sexual Assault-Child: Motion to Adjudicate – Overruled: CZE #10320200 – 337th
  • Sexual Assault-Rape: Investigation Stopped
  • Sexual Assault-Rape: Grand Jury – No Billed – Ft Bend County, TX
  • Prostitution: Expunged – Not Guilty – CT 14
  • Sexual Assault-Rape: Grand Jury – No Billed
  • Sexual Assault-Child: Case Dismissed – CZE# 09891580 – 337th Set for Jury Trial
  • Sexual Assault-Handicapped Person: Grand Jury – No Billed
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault: Deferred Adjudication – CZE # 08054210 262nd Day of Jury Trial
  • Stalking: Case Dismissed: CZE# 96330670 CT 1
  • Child Pornography: Case Dismissed: CZE# 15005830 – Dfd for improper photos/visual record (no registration requirement) court trial 174th
  • Indecent Exposure: Case Dismissed – CZE# 93458870 CT 11
  • Indecency w/Child: Not Guilty – CZE# 07309370 – 176th (Dismissed After Jury Selection)
  • Indecency w/Child: Case Dismissed – Expunged
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child: Case Dismissed – CZE# 09012440 – 176th
  • Indecency w/Child: Deferred Adjudication – Plea Offer 5yrs CZE# 06733340 – 351st – Set for Jury Trial – Pled to Deferred
  • Indecency w/Child: Case Dismissed – Pled to injury to a child; no sex offender registration. Brazoria County
  • Prostitution: Case Dismissed – CZE # 96553450 CT 15
  • Prostitution: Case Dismissed – Expunged
  • Prohibited Sexual Conduct: Case Dismissed: CZE# 09149470 – 263rd
  • Public Indecency-Lewdness: Not Guilty – Kemah, TX


Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll

Sexual Assault Sex Crime Trials: Case Results