Criminal Trials

Why Legal Representation Is a Must-Have

Legal Representaiton

When you are accused of a crime, it is your legal right to have representation. There is no reason for you to face the criminal justice system alone. Hiring a criminal justice lawyer is the best way to protect yourself, your interests, and your family from being railroaded by the legal system. Jack B. Carroll knows that your legal defense will be the most important thing that happens in your life. A Fool for a Client The law is complicated enough […]

The Brazoria County Alleged Habitual Meth Offender

Texas Defense Lawyer for Crystal Meth Lab Operation

This Felony Meth Case resulted from my client traveling at a high rate of speed through a residential zone in Pearland, Brazoria County, TX. He was pulled over for speeding by local law enforcement. When the police officer approached my client’s vehicle he noticed a firearm in plain view on the floorboard of the Cadillac SUV. For officer safety, my client & his passenger were put in the back seat of the officer’s patrol car. While writing the citation, the […]

Burglary of a Habitation | Held in Contempt x3

Criminal Defense of Burglary Charges

From Houston Defense Lawyer Jack Carroll’s Case files…. My client worked as a janitor, at a school across the street from the home he was accused of burglarizing. He was 19 years old, working full time, supporting his parents, and going to college. The victims (complainants) as well as my client, worked at the school. The complainants, husband and wife, told the police that they drove into their driveway at 10:00 p.m., got out of their large and old Cadillac, […]

Client Arrested: Shoplifting at Macy’s

Shoplifting Defense Lawyer in Houston

My client was arrested for shoplifting at Macy’s. The video showed him holding a pair of expensive tennis shoes, looking around the store, and then took off his old and ratty sneakers. He put the old sneakers in the box, put on the new ones and was arrested outside the store. Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack Carroll Will fight Shoplifting charges brought by The Houston Police Department or The Harris County Sheriffs Office. He was an immigrant and a highly […]

He was Caught with 400 Grams of Cocaine

Cocaine Possession Offenses

Charge: MANUFACTURE/POSSESSION COCAINE WITH INTENT TO DELIVER 400+ GRAMS ALONG WITH A DEADLY WEAPON ALLEGATION: GUILTY In this criminal case, my client was arrested with several ounces of cocaine. He also had a history of prior arrests, and a weapon in the car. Unfortunately he confessed to police before contacting me. Sometimes if you give the State everything by cooperating, they will still throw the book at you. The prosecutor made an offer of 15 years imprisonment at the Texas […]