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Attorney Jack B. Carroll is Board Certified® by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal law, operates his law practice in Houston, Harris County, Texas, and for over 27 years has successfully practiced criminal defense law primarily in Houston, Texas, and in federal court.

Although Jack has accepted high profile cases in the past, he prides himself on being affordable and accessible to anyone who needs his help fighting the government’s accusations of criminal wrongdoing.

Our law firm’s capabilities are validated by real results, real cases, and clear victories, and we don’t rely on 3rd party law firm marketing schemes to tell our story.

Case Results & reviews tell most of the real story.

Attorney Jack B. Carroll has effectively practiced criminal defense law in Houston, Harris County, and in Federal court for over 26 years.

He scored in the top 10 percent on the Texas Multi-State Bar Exam, and is one of the best at what he does. His criminal trial results, most from Houston-area criminal cases, are a testament to his skill as a criminal defense attorney.

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Watch Your StepMr. Carroll is well respected by court staff in state court, federal courthouses, as well as by other criminal defense attorneys in Houston. Though inside the loop, he thinks outside the box & isn’t afraid to stick his neck out for a client.He learned early on that anyone working to be the best criminal defense attorney in Houston had to be ready to go to trial & not be mindlessly bound by convention, or precedent.

Many of his case dismissals are a result of taking cases to trial court in Harris County. Prosecutors spend most of their time at the courthouse and know the “thems that do & the thems that don’t.” Court settings in Harris County are often adversarial, and if the prosecutor makes a plea bargain that’s turned down by the client, two alternatives remain: change your “Not Guilty” plea to BEG, or set the case for trial.

John (Jack) B. Carroll is a Board Certified criminal defense attorney based in Houston, TX.

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If the lawyer is not a trial attorney by nature, blessed with a well-known reputation, the criminal defendant may be treated poorly.

Jack B. Carroll

A Few Reviews By Former Clients

  • for the accidental death of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy. My family isn’t rich and thought my brother would be discriminated against. Regardless, me and my family pulled together and hired the best attorney our money could buy. I remember my brother telling me that when Mr. Carroll personally surrendered him to the Harris county jail, the room was full with HPD and Harris County Sheriff Deputies.

    The Deputy my brother was accused of murdering worked there. Mr. Carroll told the crowded room if Mr. Ibarra is messed with there will be hell to pay.When I visited Ricky and was told this I thought Ricky might have a chance, I know guts when I see or hear about them – I was a Special Forces Marine Sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan. My brother got his own cell and was treated well. Ricky’s case was dismissed during jury deliberation and he walked, unassisted out of court at the end of the trial. Other than major depression about the Deputy he’s doing well with a wife, kids, and a great job. HO AHH

    When I honorably discharged from the Marines I didn’t know what to do with myself and ended up getting busted by the DEA for Manufacture, Delivery, or Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, mainly 255 grams of cocaine and was enhanced because I was carrying a firearm.

    Get an affirmative finding for carrying a firearm while selling drugs and you can kiss parole goodbye. Jack set the case for trial and had a suppression hearing. My partner got 20 years with a deadly weapon finding, I got deferred adjudication. My case has since been dismissed and there will be no public record of it after Jack files a motion for Non-Disclosure. HO AHH

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    By: Julio legalcoor1@***.com

  • that was going to send me to jail for a year. Instead of jail I simply got 30 more hours of community service added on! Then lastly I hired him a year ago because I had gotten into a bar fight where I hit someone so hard it crunched their eye socket and orbital bone…

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    Danny M, Houston, TX

Case Results from Our Criminal Trials


Attorney Jack B. Carroll is Board Certified to the TBLS


An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Houston criminal defense attorney Jack B. Carroll has learned by hard-earned experience that criminal offense reports don’t always tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth. Nor do they tell the whole story, and he never forgets the presumption of innocence.

If a defendant asserts their innocence, they’ll be treated as such regardless of Carroll’s personal opinion.

Attorney Jack B. CarrollJack isn’t too busy or self-important to return a phone call & doesn’t resent calls from clients or their families. He doesn’t cheat, nickel & dime his clients or pawn them off to other lawyers either. Also, Mr. Carroll has never been disciplined for professional misconduct by the Texas Bar, nor any bar association.

Even if a client is guilty as charged, Jack keeps in mind they may not be the same person tomorrow as they were on the day they were charged. However, criminal charges & criminal records never change unless sealed, expunged or hidden from the Houston public record.

Jack will take a case to term if the situation calls for it. In his arsenal are a host of retired Houston law enforcement professionals & other resources to draw from when it comes to defending clients.

Investigations & Criminal Cases

Jack has found from experience that personally interviewing witnesses & viewing the scene almost always is the best way to investigate a case. The personal attention he gives to a criminal case is a huge factor in his success. As a Houston criminal defense attorney, Jack Carroll is known to be book smart, as well as street smart, & many have called him stand-up.

Jack B. Carroll.. In The Press

Texas Monthly published a feature story about Mr. Carroll, some of his other cases have been lead stories on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, Nightline, Dateline, and a number of other prominent news sources. Jack is also one of the few criminal defense lawyers in Houston who are Board Certified by the Texas Board Legal Specialization in criminal law.

The Best Private Investigators For Your Case


When it comes to defending a person that’s been accused of a criminal offense by the state – the facts matter. As a criminal defense lawyer in Houston for over 25 years I know the value of an HPD criminal investigation, a Harris County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigation, and the value of our own, internal criminal investigations.Houston based Private Investigation Firm

We proudly employ the services of Gradoni & Associates’ Investigations as our go-to source for private criminal investigations as it relates to us representing our clients in the court of law.

Since 1989 Gradoni & Associates has been a staple among licensed Texas private investigators in Houston, and we’ve always been pleased with the level of detail included in their investigative reports. The Truth Matters.


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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll