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Point Blank, TX is a small town located in the northern region of the Greater Houston area which is located within the legal jurisdiction of San Jacinto County, TX, and has a population of approximately 700 residents.

Police services and law enforcement duties, for the people of Point Blank, are among the responsibilities of the San Jacinto County Sheriffs Department which is located at 75 W Cedar Ave, Coldspring, TX, 77331.

Although Jack B. Carroll’s criminal law firm is based in Downtown Houston, he does accept clients from all over the 8 county greater Houston area which includes Point Blank, San Jacinto County, TX.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Jack B. Carroll Will Fight Any Criminal Charge Brought Against You By Law Enforcement in Point Blank, TX.

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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Jack B. Carroll can be easily reached by phone by calling 713-228-4607. If you’ve been accused of criminal activity in Point Blank, TX call Jack before your next court date at the San Jacinto County Criminal Courts.

Jack B. Carroll is an experienced, board certified, criminal defense attorney who’s been defending the people of southeast Texas for over 20 years.

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