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If you find yourself blamed for a criminal offense as frowned upon as a burglary and you will need to hire a Houston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. As the defendant, you will be confronting potential jail time and a lasting criminal record which tell potential employers that you are a burglar when they check your criminal background. This may cause some difficulty in finding employment, moving into some neighborhoods, or even renting an apartment.

The stakes are high when facing a burglary charge in Texas. Throughout this tough experience it’s highly advised that you have one of the best as far as a Houston criminal defense lawyer in concerned. This may be the most important step you can take in order to get a fair fight in the court of law as you prepare to face a viscous prosecution attempt from the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

A Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

When you hire the best Houston criminal defense lawyer to represent you in the court of law, he won’t just know the Texas Penal Code as it relates to your case and the courtroom litigation processes, he will have fought on behalf of others who have been in your same situation and the best way to defend you in court.

However, every good Houston criminal defense lawyer knows that each case is “a life” and won’t attempt to try the last case with you because your situation is an independent matter.

Don’t Go To Court Without a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

In the State of Texas, some of the most severe penalties are imposed on alleged criminal being accused of offenses like burglary. Entering a private dwelling and taking property that you don’t have a right to will warrant the full weight of the law being threatened in your direction.

State of Texas – The Burglary Criminal Code

Definitions, Penalties, Punishment

The criminal act of burglary’s definition can be found under the Texas Penal Code, Title 7, Chapter 30 as carrying out any of the following felony acts without consent of the property owner:

  • Entering a habitation, a building, or any part of a building not open to the public with the intent to commit a felony, a theft, or an assault,

  • Remaining concealed in a building or habitation with the intent to commit a felony, a theft, or an assault, or

  • Entering a building or habitation and committing or attempting to commit a felony, theft, or an assault.

Burglary is usually a state jail felony and punishable by up to 2 years in a state correctional facility and a monetary fines of up to $10,000.

However, for some of the people who have become habitual home burglary convicts, they can be enhanced to a second degree felon status and looking at up to 20 years in a Texas penitentiary.

Burglarizing an Automobile in the State of Texas

The criminal act of the burglarizing of a automobile is defined as breaking into/entering a vehicle without consent of the owner, or with the intent to commit another criminal offense or a theft crime.

This sort of criminal offense is known as a Class A misdemeanor which carries up to a year imprisonment as punishment. If you have a previous criminal record including two or more burglary or theft charges, the charge will be enhanced by the court to make you eligible for a state jail felony.

Contact Jack B. Carroll, A Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

It doesn’t matter if you are guilty as charged for the burglary offense, falsely accused, or are ready to plead out because you know the evidence is stacked against you, you will still want to have an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Having an attorney in your corner could mean being found innocent if that is in fact the case, or even serving no jail time at all and walking out of court with brief probationary period. Regardless of the situation, be sure to talk with a qualified criminal defense attorney in Houston as soon as possible or call Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll about the situation.

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