Second Offense DWI Cases

Facing prosecution for a 2nd case of drunk driving in Houston?

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Persons charged with DWI related crimes face a serious legal matter in Texas, as a number of lives are lost due to car accidents caused by drivers who chose to operate their motor vehicle while chemically impaired.

Attorney Jack B. Carroll, in many years passed, represented the cutting edge of DWI defense in making history as the first defense lawyer in Texas to win at trial, on a Double Intoxicated Manslaughter case. If you’re facing criminal charges for DWI in Houston, Jack B. Carroll is one of the best attorneys to discuss your case with.

Consequences if Convicted

Criminal consequences rise in severity for defendants facing prosecution in Harris County for 2nd offense DWI charges. In Texas, people who are convicted of DWI, a second time, will face criminal penalties under Class A Misdemeanor guidelines.

  • Fine: up to 4,000.
  • County Jail Time: 30 Days to 1 Year
  • Texas Drivers License Suspension: 180 days to 2 years

Can You Avoid Jail on a 2nd DWI?

Individuals who have been convicted of Driving While Intoxicated on a 2nd occasion, in Texas, are still eligible for probationary community supervision options which will keep them out of the Harris County Jail.

Although people convicted for their 2nd DWI may have options available to them to keep them out of jail, its not a “given” as is the case with 1st offenses.

The requirements imposed on defendants who opt to take advantage of probation on 2nd DWI offenses are far more severe than that of their 1st-time counterparts. For starters, community service requirements can mushroom to levels near 1000 hours, although they commonly range between 600-800 hours, a strict drivers license suspension will be imposed, if the defendant is allowed to drive (unlikely), a deep-lung device will be required.

The defendant will also be forced, as a result of the most common probationary terms for 2nd DWI offenders, to attend a number of classes and seminars on drugs and/or alcoholic intoxication.

You Could Be Innocent

A conviction for drunk driving will have long lasting implications for you, your career, and your criminal record.

Give me the opportunity to review your case, you may thank me for it. – Jack

Jack B. Carroll is well known for being a successful defense lawyer in Houston on DWI cases for his clients and may be able to help you with your situation. Just because you’ve been arrested, accused of being drunk & driving, had your blood forcibly taken, and treated as a dangerous criminal by police, doesn’t mean you’re guilty.

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