First Offense DWI Cases

If you’re a person who has been arrested by Houston area police officers for suspicion of drunk driving, and its the first time being criminally charged with DWI, Houston DWI defense attorney Jack B. Carroll may be able to help you either beat the charge, or avoid the worse consequences is the prosecution’s cases is rock solid.

Houston DWI lawyer Jack B. Carroll has over 24 years worth of experience fighting for the rights and freedom of Houstonians accused of drunk driving.

When Jack B. Carroll is chairing your case(s) as your DWI attorney, you can expect Mr. Carroll to bring the full compliment of his criminal law expertise to your defense, challenging Harris County’s prosecutors at every turn.

Penalties for 1st DWI Convictions

If you’re convicted of DWI in the court of law, and its the first time you’ve been convicted of DWI, you’ll face sentencing/punishment under Class B Misdemeanor guidelines.

  • Fine: up to 2,000.
  • County Jail Time: 3 Days to 6 Months
  • Texas Drivers License Suspension: 90 days to 1 year

Even though the penalties for persons convicted of DWI the first time can seem highly forgiving, one should keep in mind that first-time DWI offenders are now required to have Drunk Driving-Prevention devices installed on their vehicles, at their own expense.

Can I Avoid Jail for DWI in Houston?

People charged/convicted of DWI often avoid county jail time in exchange for a probationary term. In fact, First DWI offenders are automatically given probation, rather than jail time, on first offenses, but the stakes are higher if the defendant re-offends, committing DWI a second time.

Although the court has taken a position of automatically offering probation rather than a jail sentence for 1st time DWI offenders, any violation of the probationary, or the community supervision terms as they’re properly referred to, you’ll face jail.

Attorney Jack B. Carroll Will Defend You

Dealing with jail time, fines, court dates, and a criminal record can be avoided if we can get the case thrown out due to lack of evidence, beat the case on the basis of your Constitutional Rights being violated, or make a probationary arrangement with the court in such a way as to keep the record of the crime off your record, granted that you’ve upheld your end of the bargain with the court.

With nearly 30 years fighting for his clients, Jack B. Carroll will have a number of options available to you if you want to challenge the prosecution, and additional remedies if you want to admit guilt.

Before making any decision, be sure to contact attorney Jack B. Carroll or another similarly experienced DWI lawyer in Houston to avoid a mistake.

If you need help, call Jack. Our phone number is 713-228-4607.

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