Felony DWI Cases

DWI cases can be charged as felony offenses if some standards are met. These standards often include habitual DWI occurrences and serious threats to the safety or others, or death/injury to another.

When Is DWI A Felony in Texas?

DWI becomes a felony in Texas when any of the following is true;

  • The defendant is charged with DWI a third time,
  • The defendant injures someone as a result of intoxicated driving,
  • a person is killed as a result of drunk driving,
  • or if drunk driving is committed while a child is present in the vehicle.

Depending on the circumstances involved with the case, felony DWI may be classified as either a State Jail Felony, or a 2nd Degree felony. In some cases, defendants with a long history of DWI convictions have been given life sentences for simply drunk driving, no injury or accident.

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