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North Cleveland, TX is located east-northeast of Houston, in Liberty County, TX, with a population of nearly 300 people who live there.

Attorney Jack B. Carroll’s criminal defense practice may be based in Downtown Houston, but Jack does travel and he also accepts clients whose arrest, or criminal offense allegations, are in the legal jurisdiction of the Liberty County Criminal Justice System.

Law enforcement in North Cleveland, TX is the primary responsibility of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, however, they may be being served by Texas State Troopers, and the Liberty Police Department.

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Houston Criminal Attorney Jack B. Carroll’s reputation was earned as a result of successfully defending the rights of his clients against alleged criminal offenses in the State of Texas over the span of nearly 30 years. Thousands of hours of legal research, trial experience, and study are the least of the effort.

Jack B. Carroll WILL take a case to term if the situation calls for it.

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North Cleveland, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer – Liberty County

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