Client Arrested: Shoplifting at Macy’s

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My client was arrested for shoplifting at Macy’s.

The video showed him holding a pair of expensive tennis shoes, looking around the store, and then took off his old and ratty sneakers. He put the old sneakers in the box, put on the new ones and was arrested outside the store.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll Will fight Shoplifting charges brought by The Houston Police Department or The Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

He was an immigrant and a highly skilled horse trainer. His polo pony playing employers hired me as his attorney to defend him on his theft case because they didn’t want to see him deported.

He was from Mexico City, but kept saying in broken English that two of his friends were outside, and that it was customary in his village to show a prospective purchase to friends prior to completing any purchase.

This was the reason why he went outside with the expensive tennis shoes without paying. He also had $800 dollars in his pocket.

The jury believed him and was out rendering the verdict for only a short period of time before returning with a not guilty verdict.

We advised our client to constantly repeat the phrase “In the village that I come from” during his cross examinations.


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