Sex Crimes: Presumption of Innocence

Sex Crimes - Innocent

Jack B. Carroll, a Houston Sexual Assault & Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

“Mr. Carroll, being charged with a crime doesn’t mean I’m guilty.”

A client said this to me many years ago because I may have been looking at him skeptically. He was telling me about his sexual assault charge and what got him to this point.

It seems that the PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE goes out the window when charged with a sex crime. He was later found Not Guilty after a jury trial.

Many times I’ve had men and some women charged or being investigated for a sex crime allegation come to my office with an end of days expression on their face.

The initial allegation sometimes comes out of nowhere and can hit you like a Mack truck.

In twenty plus years of criminal practice, I’ve not seen a category of crimes as fraught with such a social stigma and lifetime consequences as most sex crimes.

Don’t Accept Probation or Deferred Adjudication

For Sexual Assault Charges

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Years ago many would plead to a sex crime deferred adjudication to avoid the expense and possible consequences of trial only to have the law change with a lifetime requirement of registering as a sex offender. The conditions of deferred adjudication/probation are stringent and many fail.

If sent to a sex counselor, some that might be hostile, you might have a motion to adjudicate or revoke probation filed because you didn’t get with the program. You are subject (if on deferred) to the full range of punishment for the sex crime charged.

Over the last twenty years, I’ve had many sex crime investigations no-billed (dismissed) by the Grand Jury. At times the initial investigation has been stopped dead in its tracks by cooperating with the authorities.

On several occasions, my clients have been forced all the way to trial on a weak case only to have all charges dismissed after jury selection. On other occasions, my client has gotten a not guilty verdict by jury trial.

Unfortunately I have to set many weak cases for trial in order to push the State to dismiss a scurrilous case.

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If you are being investigated or are charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault, Indecency with a Child, Prohibited Sexual Conduct, Possession of Child Pornography, Prostitution, Promotion of Prostitution, or any other related sex crime, call me, a Houston Board Certified Sex Crimes Attorney for a free consultation at 713-228-4607.

Sex Crimes: Presumption of Innocence

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