Houston Deep Water Engineer Accused of Meth Manufacture

Houston Meth Lab Operation

Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance

Methamphetamine (Meth) 400+ GRAMS

PUNISHMENT RANGE: 15 to 99 years prison confinement

My client in this criminal case was a deep water engineer (scientist) for a major international oil company.

He transferred to Houston and rented a house.

He and his family had been in the house for less than a week when it caught fire. The Fort Bend Fire Department was called, and while in the burning house, discovered what they suspected to be Meth Lab for the mass production of methamphetamine.

The Fort Bend Sheriff Department and the DEA were called.

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Upon investigation they found several containers of a liquid substance with traces of methamphetamine and equipment ordinarily used to manufacture methamphetamine.

[The way the law is written if you have a minute amount of methamphetamine in a large amount of water you can be charged as though the whole container is pure methamphetamine.]

The indictment alleged several thousand grams of meth. I hired a retired Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Travis Johnson to assist me with my investigation and he and I visited the house.

In the garage and crawl space were several unopened boxes, which we opened and found suspicious property that we could associate with the prior tenants. I brought this and other information to the prosecuting attorney and after a lengthy period of time, and a trial setting, the case was dismissed.

CASE RESULT: Dismissed

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A Meth (Meth amphetamine) Drug Case