Conspiracy to Distribute 145 Kilos-Cocaine, Waco, TX

Cocaine Drug smuggling - Houston Federal Trial

Conspiracy To Distribute Cocaine 145 KILOS

Federal Court, Waco, TX: Not Guilty Verdict

I defended a cocaine possession (with federal implications) case with conspiracy to distribute. My client, a Houston native, was a passenger in a van that was pulled over in a small town near Waco, Texas.

The arresting Sheriff said he pulled the van over for a minor traffic offense. While questioning the driver, he could smell the strong odor of cocaine emanating from within the vehicle.

Upon searching a box, he discovered 9 kilos of cocaine in tightly Saran wrapped bricks.

The DEA was called in.

2 other passengers decided to cooperate with federal prosecutors and claimed that my client was the instrumental figure in a cocaine distribution operation which involved trafficking over 140 kilo’s of cocaine throughout the southwest United States.

When the DEA asked my client about the other kilos of cocaine, where they were delivered, and who supplied them, my client said he was “no rat” and professed that he was innocent anyway.

I set the case for trial.

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During the jury trial I was able to cast doubt on the testifying co-conspirators’ testimony; he alleged that my client tried to kill him by forcing him to swallow cocaine.

The jury was perplexed as to how the arresting officer could smell unopened, thrice Saran wrapped kilos of cocaine.

Over my objection, the box filled with the bricks of cocaine was placed by the jury stand.

The bricks of cocaine had been cut open. The smell was overpowering.

While handling the box it fell from my hands, dropped to the floor, and a volcanic-like plume of cocaine erupted from the cut open bricks. The jury was not amused, but came back with a not guilty verdict.


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Conspiracy to Distribute 145 Kilos of Cocaine, Waco, TX | Federal Case