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La Marque, TX is located in the southeast Houston area, in Galveston County, with a populace numbering over 14,000 people.

The La Marque Police Department upholds the law in La Marque, TX with assistance from Texas State Troopers and Galveston County Sheriffs. The police station is located at 431 Bayou Rd, 77568.

If You’ve Been Arrested by The Police in La Marque, TX and Accused of a Felony or Misdemeanor Criminal Offense, Call Houston Criminal Lawyer Jack B. Carroll at 713-228-4607 for Swift Legal Representation.

“Most Lawyers Aren’t Genetically Built To Be Criminal Trial Attorneys”

DWI · Public Intoxication · Murder · Shoplifting

Family Violence · Drug Crimes · Sexual Assault

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Follow up with Jack B. Carroll by calling 713-228-4607 if you’ve been accused of a criminal offense in La Marque, TX and desire professional legal representation for your court appearance in the Galveston County Criminal Justice Courts.

Jack B. Carroll is almost into his 3rd decade working as a criminal defense attorney serving the people of the 8 county Houston Region.

Jack B. Carroll has represented people accused of family violence, domestic assault, probation violation, as well as a few high profile federal drug conspiracies.

When you appear in court with a lawyer the caliber of Jack B. Carroll by your side, the courts will take you seriously as a citizen in defense of your rights. In many of those cases, police or law enforcement officers may have violated those very rights resulting in an illegal arrest.

Case Dismissed.

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