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Sugar Land, TX is located in the southwest region of the Greater Houston area, within the legal jurisdiction of Fort Bend County, and is home to over 84,000 people.

The Sugar Land Police Department and The Fort Bend County Sheriffs Department enforce law in Sugar Land, TX.

The Sugar Land Police Department is located at 1200 Highway 6 South, Sugar Land, TX 77478.

Being Arrested for a Felony or Misdemeanor in Sugar Land, TX and Having to Deal With Fort Bend County Sheriffs Deputies Can Be a Horrifying Experience.

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DWI · Public Intoxication · Murder · Shoplifting

Family Violence · Drug Crimes · Sexual Assault


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If you’ve been accused of a criminal offense in Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, Texas you’ll need a good lawyer to have a chance at an acquittal or a case dismissal.

Houston Criminal Lawyer Jack B. Carroll knows his way around the courtroom and around the dirty tricks prosecutors are taught which can cost people their lives. As an experienced defense attorney of over 25 years, Jack knows that people change, and few are better at explaining the concept of “people changing” to juries.

Jack normally wins for his clients, in court, and will not hesitate to take a case to trial.

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