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5/11/2012 – By legalcoor1

My brother Ricky was charged with the murder of a police officer for the accidental death of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy. My family isn’t rich and thought my brother would be discriminated against. Regardless, me and my family pulled together and hired the best attorney our money could buy.

I remember my brother telling me that when Mr. Carroll personally surrendered him to the Harris county jail, the room was full with HPD and Harris County Sheriff Deputies. The Deputy my brother was accused of murdering worked there. Mr. Carroll told the crowded room if Mr. Ibarra is messed with there will be hell to pay.

When I visited Ricky and was told this I thought Ricky might have a chance, I know guts when I see or hear about them – I was a Special Forces Marine Sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan. My brother got his own cell and was treated well. Ricky’s case was dismissed during jury deliberation and he walked, unassisted out of court at the end of the trial. Other than major depression about the Deputy he’s doing well with a wife, kids, and a great job. HO AHH

When I honorably discharged from the Marines I didn’t know what to do with myself and ended up getting busted by the DEA for Manufacture, Delivery, or Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, mainly 255 grams of cocaine and was enhanced because I was carrying a firearm.

Get an affirmative finding for carrying a firearm while selling drugs and you can kiss parole goodbye. Jack set the case for trial and had a suppression hearing. My partner got 20 years with a deadly weapon finding, I got deferred adjudication. My case has since been dismissed and there will be no public record of it after Jack files a motion for Non-Disclosure. HO AHH

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User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Danny M – Houston, TX

“He got me out of a probation violation a few years back that was going to send me to jail for a year. Instead of jail I simply got 30 more hours of community service added on! I’d also hired Mr. Carroll for 7 tickets i received in one stop for no seat belt, no insurance, no registration, failure to stop, no inspection, no signal indicator, and possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

what did he do? he got ALL of them dismissed!! Then lastly I hired him a year ago because I had gotten into a bar fight where I hit someone so hard it crunched their eye socket and orbital bone. he missed a few months of work, he was almost permanently blind, he now has seizures and sees spots in that eye and it cost the guy a little over 17 grand in hospital bills.

The state wanted to prosecute me for aggravated assault and 8 years prison as well as pay the 17 grand back in restitution fees. what did Jack do?he had it reduced to misdemeanor assault, 2 years probation, and 30 hours community service. Now please tell me this man isn’t worth hiring! anyone who thinks bad of Mr. Carroll is ignorant.

He is an amazing lawyer, a monster of a trial lawyer, and knows the law like the back of his hand. and he is DEFINITELY fair priced. I do my research with other attorneys and he has ALWAYS gave me the best deal and represented me better than anyone ever has. Once again thank you so much Mr. Carroll, I couldn’t have made it through all this without you. Your friend Danny aka “Gentle Giant”

Lacey H – Houston, TX

I was charged with prostitution. Can you imagine how embarrassing that was. Trying to call a bonds person and explain that. Explaining it to an attorney, Hoping they won’t treat you like trash under their shoes.

My friend had hired Jack B. Carroll before and he got the charges dismissed. He told me the explanation is everybody lies. I simply was not understanding what the person was asking of me. When we went to trial I was found not guilty. Yeah, baby. I will always use Jack again. Thank you, Jack. You are the man.

J.P – Houston, TX (3/3/2012 – Jeanne88)

“I visited several attorneys before choosing Mr. Carroll to represent me. From day one, he was professional, supportive and knows the law… My case was dismissed and I would definitely recommend Mr. Carroll to any friend or family member in the future.”

Anonymous – Houston, TX

Jack B. Carroll is a super attorney. I was arrested for check fraud. Someone had stole my checks and was forging my name to them. Looking pretty much like my writing. The bank passed them as mine. Jack had an expert compare the writing and the fingerprints on them.

They were found not to be mine. The case was dropped before we went to court. It is scary to be charged with something that you did not do. If I was found guilty this could haunt my life forever. I have immense respect for Mr. Carroll. He is the man!!!

12/28/2010 – By idapentex

I was arrested for prostitution. I was at a party where others were charging. I called this firm and hired Jack B. Carroll. I told him how embarrassing all of this was for me. I was just hanging with the wrong crowd. Jack worked with me, his cross examination of the witnesses was brutal. Finally, I was found not guilty due to his great performance in court. Call him if you need the best trial attorney ever. Thank you, Jack.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

06/18/2010 – By jorjiam

I was in a pretty bad spot, I was arrested for a crime I did not commit, I know everyone arrested says that, but I was innocent. I am only writing this review because I found a gifted attorney Jack B. Carroll. Thank God I found him because he is Board Certified, has many many years of experience winning cases and is respected in his field. I never thought

I would need a lawyer, but I found myself in this situation. I was sure I would be an innocent man sitting in prison. I cannot say enough about Mr. Carroll, I was found innocent, which I was, this nightmare is over thanks to him.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

01/21/2011 – By Shari

Jack was referred to us by an associate. My husband was given an DUI fine, it was his first offense and he knew he made a bad choice. We called Jack who was very understanding and patient, he went ahead fighting for us, like a shark.

Needless to say our case was dismissed. My husband was given another chance and our family is very appreciative. Call Jack B. Carroll!

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Jan 10, 2011 – Wendy J.

I am not a person to give reviews, however, I feel compelled to relate my satisfactory experience with Mr; Carroll. My son was in the wrong place at the wrong time, however, was not aware what his friends were up to. Never the less, he was arrested and needed a good lawyer.

I found Mr.Carroll on the internet and looked at his reviews which helped in my selection. With many tears and prayers, Mr.Carroll got my son’s case dismissed. I will be forever grateful.

User rating: 5 out of 5 stars

04/07/2011 – By jackcastro74

I visited several lawyers before choosing Mr. Carroll to represent me. From day one,he was professional and supportive and made me feel like he knew what he was doing, exactly what I was looking for, being he had my future in his hands. My case was dismissed and I would definitely recommend Mr. Carroll to any friend or family member in the future.

07-13-2009 – tivals

Powerful Attorney

A vexed ex-employee filed false sexual allegations against me. I called around, spoke with several criminal defense attorneys before hiring Jack B. Carroll. I was revolted by the charges, and disheartened that I would have to go to court to clear my name. Since we were the only two people in the room when the false charges were filed, it would be my word against hers. Jack found that previously she had conflict with a couple other employers. Mr. Carroll turned the direction of the trial, to prove that this woman was lying. Jack is very diplomatic in the court room. His mastery of the law is unquestionable. My case was dismissed before the jury went to delibrate. Mr. Jack B. Carroll is terse, intelligent, and has the experience to help clear your good name.

05/24/2009 – al69now

Esteemed Attorney

Jack B. Carroll is a fearless attorney. Goes into court with the mind set that you are going to walk out of that court room, a free person. I was charged with a serious crime, didn’t think there was a way I would get out of it. He told me to put my faith in him, believe my innocence would be proven. I did, and the result was not guilty. The heavy anxiety I felt was gone. I am in awe of Mr. Carroll, and hold him in high esteem.

05/11/2009 – brsoto1

Devoted Intense Attorney

I was arrested for a sexual crime. I reviewed attorneys on line and selected Don D. Becker. He told me that anyone can lie, accuse someone of anything. This was true in my case. Mr. Becker told me that we would have to go to court. In the courtroom, he had the witnesses acting like they were dim wits, changing their testimony. He does not hold back anything, he was vicious. The jury was listening to him. I was a nervous wreck while we waited on the jury. I was found not guilty. Those were the best words I ever heard in my life. The time Mr. Becker devoted to my case, his intense scrunity of all the information, gave me back my life. If you ever need an excellent attorney, call him. My family and I are both thanful we made the right call. Finese choice, I ever made.

03/17/2009 – sharron0925

Reviews do help

Mr. Carroll was referred to me by a friend, I scouted around for quite awhile before settling on his services. I checked out his other reviews which by the way were very impressive. Going into court, I knew I had a tough hill to climb, I was very nervous and felt my life as I knew it was gone. Mr. Carroll went to work on my behalf, he is one hell of a hurricane in the court room. Half way through my case, I knew I had a chance, with Jack in my corner, I could not loose, my case was dismissed. Thank you Jack

12/18/2008 – aglopez

Experienced in Criminal Law

Jack is well known around the court house and respected for his wisdom and knowledge of criminal. He is a smooth talker and knows the business.

06/05/2008 – Billswanson

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Jack Carrol, I don’t usually give reviews, however, he saved our family a lot of heart ache, I just wanted to let other people know that he can be trusted to do a professional job. Your in good hands.

05/21/2008 – Joyce64


Jack was referred to us by an associate. My husband was given an DUI fine, it was his first offense and he knew he made a bad choice. We called Jack who was very understanding and patient, he went ahead fighting for us, like a shark. Needless to say our case was dismissed. My husband was given another chance and our family is very appreciative. Call Jack B. Carroll!

05/19/2008 – sandrajackson76


I was serving on a jury where Jack B. Carroll was representing the defendant. I was in awe of his electric performance,his knowledge of the law and the professional way he handled his case. If ever I need anattorney, I will certainly call Jack.

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