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Pasadena, TX is one of the larger cities within the Greater Houston metropolitan area. The population of Pasadena consists of over 150,000 residents making it one of the largest cities in Texas coming in at number 17.

Pasadena is also the 2nd largest city located with the legal jurisdiction of Harris County.

Law enforcement and police services for the city are provided by the City of Pasadena Police Department, a full service law enforcement agency.

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Being Charged With a Crime in The State of Texas is Serious. You’ll Need Legal Representation as Soon as Possible. If You’ve Been Arrested and Accused of a Crime By The Pasadena Police, Call Jack B. Carroll.

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DWI · Public Intoxication · Murder · Shoplifting

Family Violence · Drug Crimes · Sexual Assault

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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll can be reached at 713-228-4607.

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Jack B. Carroll is a Texas Board Certified® criminal defense attorney with over 2 decades of experience gained in the trenches on behalf of his clients. He has learned to never give up on a case. He’s also learned that the person you are today may be completely different than the one arrested.

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