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Houston criminal defense attorney Jack B. Carroll is a highly experienced legal professional serving the people in and around the Greater Houston area.

In his experience as a criminal defense attorney, he’s gained hundreds of favorable case results from criminal courts, and juries, for his clients.

The following case result information was published to add depth to the experience and tenure of Jack B. Carroll’s criminal defense practice, and to set Jack B. Carroll apart from the crowd of Houston Lawyers who may not be best qualified to defend your rights in the court of law.

Jack B. Carroll is a top Houston criminal defense attorney, and one of the best in his class. Don’t be fooled by flashy marketing schemes, hire a winning lawyer. Call 713-228-4607 to speak with Jack B. Carroll about your case, or other inquiry.

Aggravated Assault, Violence, and Deadly Weapon Cases

Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll’s Trial Results

  • Aggravated Assault-Deadly Weapon: Case Dismissed – CZE# 09037040 248th – Dismissed day of Jury Trial
  • Assault-Family Violence: Not Guilty: CZE# 09172170 – 176th
  • Aggravated Assault-Deadly Weapon: Deferred Adjudication – CZE# 08539730 182nd – Day of Trial
  • Assault-Bodily Injury: Not Guilty: CZE# 9746430 CT 14
  • Aggravated Assault: Case Dismissed: 1244b: CZE# 06594140 CT 337th

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Family, Domestic Violence, Assault, and Child Endangerment Cases

(Jack B. Carroll Fights Protective Order Violation allegations as well.)

  • Felony-Family Domestic Violence (Choking-Strangulation) – Case Dismissed (Day of Trial) CZE# 13532290 – 185th Dist Court
  • Assault-Family Violence: Not Guilty: CZE# 96501170 CT 10
  • Assault-Family Violence: Not Guilty: CZE# 09172170 176th
  • Interference w/Child Custody: Case Dismissed: CZE# 10427050 228th
  • Assault-Family Violence: Case Dismissed: Pre-Trial Motions – CZE# 15459160 CT 6
  • Violation-Protective Order-Felony: Case Dismissed: CZE# 10623170 – 228th set for jury trial

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Drug Charges Attorney: Cocaine, Meth, Marijuana, Distribution & Federal Drug Conspiracy Cases

(Jack B. Carroll is also a federal criminal defense attorney, admitted into Federal Courts Nationally)

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll’s Trial Results

  • Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine – 145 Kilos (Federal Court-Waco, TX): Not Guilty
  • Possession-Controlled Substance-Cocaine: Not Guilty: Expunged
  • Possession-Controlled Substance: Case Dismissed: CZE# 07223090 Set for Jury Trial.
  • Manufacture-Delivery-Controlled Substance: Case Dismissed: CZE# 04-dcr-04008 Ft Bend-trial setting 400+grams Methamphetamine 400th Dist Ct
  • Manufacture-Delivery-Cocaine: Case Dismissed: CZE# 09772890 248th – Suppression Hearing (225 grams w/Deadly Weapon – Deferred)

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Murder, Negligent Homicide, and Manslaughter Cases

  • Murder: Case Dismissed: CZE 02546154 – 178th Harris County District Court (Dismissed the Week Before Trial)
  • Murder-Police Officer: Case Dismissed: CZE# 08484590 182nd – (Case Dismissed in the 7th hour of jury deliberations)
  • Murder: CZE# 10626210: Not Guilty: States Offer: 40 Years – (Convicted of Negligent Homicide: Probation – 351st – Not Guilty)
  • Assault-Police Officer: Not Guilty (Austin Area) Georgetown, TX
  • Deadly Conduct-Discharging Firearm-Habitation: Case Dismissed – CZE# 12065340, 174th

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Burglary, Theft, Shoplifting, and Aggravated Robbery Criminal Cases

  • Federal Bank Fraud: Not Guilty: (2nd Chair: Lead Attorney Mac Secrest)
  • Aggravated Robbery: Not Guilty: CZE# 07832560 – 338th (Directed Verdicts: Judge Hatten)
  • Burglary of a Habitation: Not Guilty: CZE# 07832870 – 183rd
  • Theft-Shoplifting: Expunged: Not Guilty: CT 7
  • Theft ($20,000-$100,000): Case Dismissed: CZE# 07540840 – 248th

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Rape, Child Indecency, Sex Crimes, Rape, and Child Pornography Cases

  • Child Pornography: Case Dismissed: CZE# 15005830 Dfd for improper photos-visual record (no registration requirement) court trial 174th
  • Sexual Assault: Not Guilty: CZE# 08923930 – 174th – Not Guilty
  • Sexual Assault: Case Dismissed: After Jury Selection – Montgomery County
  • Indecency w/Child: Deferred Adjudication – Plea Offer 5yrs CZE# 06733340 – 351st – Set for Jury Trial – Pled to Deferred
  • Sexual Assault-Rape: Investigation Stopped
  • Sexual Assault-Rape: Grand Jury: No Billed – Ft Bend County

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DWI, DUI, Felony DWI, Intoxicated Manslaughter, and Homicide Cases

(Jack B. Carroll is the only criminal defense lawyer in the history of the State of Texas to win a Double Intoxicated Manslaughter trial.)

  • Intoxicated Manslaughter: Not Guilty: CZE# 08911060 – 232nd Guilty – DWI
  • Felony DWI: Case Dismissed: CZE# 10064750, 179th
  • Intoxicated Assault: Case Dismissed: Montgomery County: CZE# 315921 Pled to Misd. DWI
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide: Probation: CZE# 09146130 – 232nd
  • DWI-Divert: Case Dismissed: CZE# 16275850 – CT 06, 14137860 – CT 07

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Community Supervision/Probation Violation

These types of motions are scary for defendants and criminal defense lawyers alike. If the lawyer doesn’t know his way around the courthouse the client won’t know what to expect and the lawyer may be unprepared to defend a client subject to a felony or misdemeanor MAJ or MRP. Many of these motions have been filed because of technical violations, e.g., delinquent payments or a probationer may be short on community service hours.

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Attorney For Expunction & Expungement

If you have been charged with class A or B misdemeanor or any Felony in Houston/Harris County there will be a record of the charge at the HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT CLERKS OFFICE. Dismissal via a Deferred Adjudication is a public record even though your case has been dismissed. All class B and A misdemeanors and all Felony charges are forwarded to the NCIC (NATIONAL CRIME INFORMATION CENTER) and the (TCIC) Texas Crime information Center.

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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack B. Carroll’s Case Results