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The City of Freeport, TX is located in the southeast Texas region within the confines of Brazoria County, TX with a population of over 12,000 people.

The Freeport Police Department & the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department enforce law and police the city of Freeport, TX. The Freeport Police Department is located at 430 N. Brazosport Boulevard, Freeport, TX 77541.

If You’ve Been Arrested in Freeport, Brazoria County, TX and Charged with a Crime, Contact Houston Criminal Attorney Jack B. Carroll at 713-228-4607 for Legal Advice and a No Cost Criminal Case Evaluation.

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Call Jack B. Carroll at 713-228-4607 if you’ve been charged with a felony offense in Freeport, TX. You may notice that Jack B. Carroll is based in Downtown Houston, but don’t fall for the misconception that Jack B. Carroll only accepts clients within Houston as this would not be true.

Jack B. Carroll accepts clients from all over the 8 county Greater Houston Area and is well known and respected by County, Criminal, and Drug Court Judges throughout the region.

Houston, Harris County based criminal defense attorney Jack B. Carroll accepts most felony and misdemeanor cases and will likely obtain favorable results for you from the court of law.

Even if you think your case is hopeless, you should never give up when it comes to fighting for the freedoms afforded to you by the Texas, and The United States’, Constitution.

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