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Danbury, TX is located in Brazoria County, TX (a county south of Houston) with over 1,700 people living there.

Danbury, TX has its own police force which is located at 6102 5th St, Danbury, TX, 77534.

If You, Or Someone You Know, Has Been Accused of a Felony or Misdemeanor Criminal offense in Danbury, TX call Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Jack B. Carroll at 713-228-4607 for a Legal Consultation at No Charge.

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DWI · Public Intoxication · Murder · Shoplifting

Family Violence · Drug Crimes · Sex Crimes

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If you would like to consult an attorney about your case that’s Board Certified in criminal law, Jack B. Carroll can be reached at 713-228-4607. Jack has experience with probation violation of community supervision terms, felony DWI/Narcotics Charges, murder, manslaughter, cocaine distribution and intent to deliver cases.

Jack B. Carroll also has a lengthy record of winning favorable verdicts from juries relating to burglary, aggravated assault, and domestic violence charges.

Attorney Jack B. Carroll Normally Defends People Accused of the following;

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