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Clute, TX is located south of Houston, Texas, in Brazoria County with 11,000 people calling the town their home.

The Clute Police Department and the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Department enforce law in Clute, TX. The Clute Police Department is located at 104 East Main St, Clute, Texas, 77561.

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For over 27 years Attorney Carroll has defended the accused in the court of law. He’s won most of his cases, and for the ones he didn’t win, his clients decided to willingly admit guilt and sought out Jack B. Carroll for the purpose of mitigating damages (ie., legal consequences & jail time).

Jack handles drug cases, murder-homicide, DWI, assault, and almost all felonies and misdemeanors. He is also admitted into Federal Courts nationally and has a proven record of winning VS. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as well.

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