Possession of Marijuana – Our Client Was a Nurse

Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

In this case, our client was a nurse who lived with her daughter. Her daughter’s crazy boyfriend, who lived with them was mad and irrational. Eventually, he called a narcotics hotline and said the mother (our client) was dealing crack cocaine out of the apartment.

A police officer was notified and decided to take a legal short cut; without any investigation he obtained a warrant and searched the apartment.

Client Charged: Possession of Marijuana

Defended By Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jack Carroll

At the suppression hearing, the police officer said that a confidential informant told him about the drug sales. He went to the apartment, kicked the door in, and yanked my nude, middle-aged client from her bed.

She was arrested her for possession of marijuana after the police officer found some marijuana on the dressing room table.

The angry boyfriend later had a change of heart and admitted he had made a bogus call to the narcotics hotline. He also admitted that he had never met with the arresting officer.

When confronted with this testimony, the officer stumbled on the witness stand.

The case never made it to the jury.


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Possession of Marijuana – Our Client Was a Nurse