Beach City, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

Beach City, TX is east of the City of Houston and is located within Chambers County, Texas. The number of people who are residing in Beach City numbers at about 2,100.

Beach City’s law enforcement services are provided by the Baytown Police Department, and The Chambers County Sheriff’s Department.

Charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor criminal charge in Beach City? Contact Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Jack Carroll at 713-228-4607 to discusses your case and possible legal strategies.

“I Never Give up on a Case, Because Being Charged Doesn’t Mean Guilt”

DWI · Public Intoxication · Murder · Shoplifting

Family Violence · Drug Crimes · Sex Crimes

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Call Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Jack Carroll at 713-228-4607 if you have been accused of a criminal offense in Beach City, and are facing trial in Chambers County, Texas. In my nearly 3 decades of experience as a Houston criminal defense lawyer I have defense my clients against prosecutors on many different types of crimes, and won.

From murder charges, homicide cases and intoxicated manslaughter cases, to seemingly lighter crimes like public intoxication, marijuana possession, and up to federal cocaine conspiracy cases; Jack B. Carroll has earned his reputation as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the Houston Area and is well known and respected in criminal court.

Beach City, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer